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Maker: Toy Hacks with Thomas Smith

Nerf hacking is a new but growing hobby that has a very active international community. With 3D printing, modders are able to share ideas and have them built and tested by eager enthusiasts from around the world within days. At my maker faire booth, I’ll be showing off some highly modified Nerf blasters in various stages of completion, as well as provide tons of info about how you can easily get into this awesome hobby.

Maker: BotFeeder 3D Printing

We will be exhibit the most advanced delta 3D printer & the most safe 3D printer filament. Along with many 3d printed items for visitors to pick up and see. We will also be giving away little cute BoFee Bear to kids just like when we are exhibiting in Maker Faire Ottawa last year November. Kids are extremely happy to bring little BoFee Bear home.

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Maker: Cigar Box Guitars with David Piasta

How did you ever get into making ‘cigar box guitars’, David?
I have been making CBGs for about 12 years…while recuperating from a hear attack I was cruising the internet and came across a site where this guy was talking about cigar box guitars. I had been building dulcimers for about 7 or 8 years already so it was an easy thing to try a CBG…I always wanted to build a 6 string guitar so I thought this would be a good starting point.

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Maker: Pender Harbour ROV project comes to the Maker Faire

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Lee-Ann Ennis, a naturalist and marine biologist who is active in the Pender Harbour / Ruby Lake areas of the Coast. Lee-Ann and Pender Harbour Secondary School Science (PHSS) teacher Jay Walls partnered on a project with PHSS Stewardship students to build an ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle).

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Maker: TheRoadMoreFitz: Custom Screen Printing

We’re excited to announce Aaron & Brandi Fitzpatrick will be exhibiting at the 2nd Annual Sunshine Coast Mini Maker Faire on Sunday May 29th.

Le Family Fitz

Q & A about Screen Printing

1. How did you get into screen printing?

Screen printing is something I’ve been interested in for quite a while now. Back in Hamilton, ON (where I’m from), I was running in some activist/artist circles in the downtown, and there were always screen-printing workshops going on. It can be a pretty easy to make your own clothing designs, and you can pretty much do anything you want. I’ve always been an artist, musician and entrepreneur, and screen printing provides a new outlet for me to express myself, as well as allowing me to create fashionable and consumable products with a personalized touch.

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