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Sponsor Profile: Gibsons Building Supplies


Gibsons Building Supplies in upper Gibsons has expanded their support over last year to become a Gold Sponsor for 2016.

We appreciate GBS’ commitment to ingenuity and exploration – it makes a material difference to our ability to put on a Mini Maker Faire in our community.

If you’re a Maker, you can reward GBS for their support of our Maker synergy by shopping there for your supplies.

Thanks, GBS!

Sponsor: Polycount Video Game Artist Resource

We are delighted to announce Polycount as a Gold sponsor for the 2016 Sunshine Coast Mini Maker

Polycount was started by and is maintained by professional video game artists back in 1997 and is still going strong today. In addition to the popular forum at the heart of the site, Polycount was expanded to include ‘Polycount Updates’ – interviews, articles, and tutorials of interest to those in the game design industry.

There are now over 50,000 professional and hobbyist game artists participating on the site.  We’re stoked to have them aboard!

Sponsor: Coast Cable TV

“A thriving community makes all of us stronger. And it all begins with neighbours rolling up their sleeves and doing their part – so that’s what we do every day!”



Sponsor: Bigpacific Creative

aboutavatarI support the Maker Faire because I love taking do-it-yourself projects to the next level. Bigpacific Creative Digital Strategy & Web Design is all about recognizing and celebrating creativity, and my personal love in the maker space is the marrying of art and tech. Maker Faires bring people together to spark ideas, collaboration and next-generation problem-solving… plus they are a ton of fun.

Bigpacific Creative

Deb Mowbray 2016 Silver Sponsor

debI support the Mini Maker Faire because it demonstrates what a vibrant and innovative community we have on the Sunshine Coast.  This faire provides a great opportunity for the all the makers on the coast to get together and share their fun with the whole community.



Barrington Brolly 2016 Silver Sponsor

joan Where would the world be, today, if not for creative, innovative people, who came before us, and those who are with us today. We can’t do anything for those who came before us, but we can certainly make a positive impact on those creative individuals, here and now – – some of whom will be at the second annual Sunshine Coast Mini Maker Faire on May 29. Plan on attending, and supporting our local innovators and inventors.