Calling all Makers!

The Sunshine Coast Mini Maker Faire Wants You! The faire wants you to bring your creations out of the workshop and out of your labs and into the sunshine of Dougall Park for the 4th Annual Maker Faire on Saturday, May 26th from 11am-5pm.

You, or someone you know that has amazing talents that people should know about. It could be your neighbour, your mother, your brother or even that person that looks back at you in the mirror in the morning. Yes, you! Our Maker Faire is a great place to display your projects and passions.

One of the most common objections we hear is, oh I’m not ready or only other nerds will like what I’m showing. The reality is that whatever you do IS amazing and there are lots of nerds on the Coast. 🙂 So take chance, and together we can put on a fun faire that will thrill and amaze people!

If you are interested (you can do it!) or you know somebody who would be, please signup here!

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