2017 Program

Lots to see and do at the MiniMaker Faire

See you Sunday!

RE Station:  REpair, REmake, REuse

Naker: Rubber Band Airplanes
Naker: Blacksmith – Kelly Backs
Naker: HamRadio Group
Naker: Zaffi Green
Naker: Turtle Dragon 3D
Naker: Artificial Intelligence Demo
Art: Ecole Du Pacifique – jewelry
Art: Button Maker
Get Makered Trailer
Maker: Cool School
Maker: Toy hacks (Thomas Smith) Nerf Dude
Artist: Engaged Art
Maker:Table Top Steam Engine
Art: Emily Smith Felting
Maker: Lee-Ann – Pender Harbour ROV submarine
Maker: Murpy’s Adventures in Fly+Fishing
Music: Tenbear
Fun: Bottle Rocket – Kaiden
Textiles: UnWind Knit and Fibre
Maker: Maker Mobile & the Magic Trout Imaginarium
Maker: Brynn from Kindred Drums
Music: Bag pipes!
Music: Dave Piasta Cigar Box Cigars
Fun: Telus VR Demo

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