Maker: GetMakered 3D Scanning and Printing Mobile Lab

Get Makered 3D Mobile Lab

The trailer with personality+, Get Makered 3D Design & Print Studio, returns to the Sunshine Coast Mini Maker Faire for 2016, with an upgraded scanner setup… and this year it is being run by GetMakered’s youth manager Owyn Cramer and two friends.

This year has been a busy one for GetMakered, with appearances at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, Seattle Maker Mini Faire, and presentations to the principals and administrators of School District 46 and to the technology champion teachers from our school district in April. Bryan Cramer has been developing learning modules around a variety of digital technologies including 3D Printing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects for integrated and multi-disciplinary learning. Get Makered also visited a private birthday party with 10 girls, 2 of whom were trained to do the scanning before the other guests arrived.

Owyn has also integrated the digital files of scanned subjects into the Unreal Gaming Engine with PolyCount’s support – a key sponsor for GetMakered in 2016 – so that players can import their bust into the gaming environment to create objects or avatars using their own likenesses.

GetMakered is also heading to Austin Texas this Friday for OSCON 2016, the largest open source software conference in North America after a wildly successful booth at 2015’s event held in Portland Oregon. The trailer – a project involving many members of the Coast Makers – is staying home, but the rest of the equipment has been broken down to fit in suitcases to recreate in booth form next week. Running the booth with Founder Diane Mueller will be Owyn and Bryan Cramer, after community members and sponsors contributed to a gofundme campaign to fund Owyn’s participation. At 14 (he will turn 15 in Austin) if he manages it while Diane and Bryan are otherwise engaged, he will be one of the – if not the – youngest person running a booth at OSCON and he will be attending a number of the educational tracks as well.

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