Maker: Pat Walker and Chuck the Electric Truck

“Chuck” is a 1991 Toyota Extended Cab Pickup that has been converted to electric through the ingenuity and efforts of owner Pat Walker in Roberts Creek, BC.


To look at Chuck you would never guess that inside lurks an Advanced DC9 Series wound DC dual shaft, with rev-limiter magnet and pickup mounted on the front shaft. And that’s just for starters! (pun intended).

The drivetrain is a 5 speed manual transmission with clutch. 1st gear cuts out at 42kmh, 2nd at 72kmh.

It uses a controller mounted on an aluminum heat sink behind the grill with thermostatic cooling fan, and runs on 48 Sinopoly 200, 3.20 volt lithium iron phosphate batteries. The packs average about 21,000 kms and provides a system voltage of 154 volts.


The DC/DC converter is an Iota GPC 45, 45amp 144 volt converter. Ist one failed after 4 years in 2009, the 2nd is still working well in 2016.

Chuck has a top speed of 70mph (122kmh) with standard acceleration for merging into traffic and can seat 2 average size adults and 2-3 passengers (depends on age/size). The extended cab is used almost every day and the vehicle has a curb weight of 3600 lbs (1,636 kg).

You can see this information and other technical specs at, and you’ll meet Chuck at the Maker Faire on the 29th!


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