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Sponsor: Polycount Video Game Artist Resource

We are delighted to announce Polycount as a Gold sponsor for the 2016 Sunshine Coast Mini Maker

Polycount was started by and is maintained by professional video game artists back in 1997 and is still going strong today. In addition to the popular forum at the heart of the site, Polycount was expanded to include ‘Polycount Updates’ – interviews, articles, and tutorials of interest to those in the game design industry.

There are now over 50,000 professional and hobbyist game artists participating on the site.  We’re stoked to have them aboard!


Welearn is designed to allow neighbours to teach neighbours in a community. Each person in every community has a knowledge, skill or ability that is valuable to others. The Welearn web site provides a platform where community members can come together around learning.

The WeLearn portal makes teaching and learning in a community easy and social. This service looks after the business, marketing and administration aspects of delivering a class, and allows you to focus on what you love most – learning, teaching, or both!

Maker: Blacksmith Kelly Backs

I am a blacksmith. My work is the Art of metal. I use age old blacksmithing techniques to create beautiful and functional objects.

A lot of the joy is in the doing, the actions involved in fashioning something lifeless into something that speaks to me about myself and the world. The sweat and force involved in shaping metal teaches me my limits, but at the same time, urges me to go beyond them and reach for new heights. The might and subtleties of the hammer demand my total attentiveness for us to work as one, and rewards me for my efforts. The magic of the fire draws me to it. Taming it as a tool is the challenge.

Photos courtesy of Jonathan H. Lee | Subtledream Photography

Maker: Toy Hacks with Thomas Smith

Nerf hacking is a new but growing hobby that has a very active international community. With 3D printing, modders are able to share ideas and have them built and tested by eager enthusiasts from around the world within days. At my maker faire booth, I’ll be showing off some highly modified Nerf blasters in various stages of completion, as well as provide tons of info about how you can easily get into this awesome hobby.

Sponsor: Coast Cable TV

“A thriving community makes all of us stronger. And it all begins with neighbours rolling up their sleeves and doing their part – so that’s what we do every day!”



Sponsor: Bigpacific Creative

aboutavatarI support the Maker Faire because I love taking do-it-yourself projects to the next level. Bigpacific Creative Digital Strategy & Web Design is all about recognizing and celebrating creativity, and my personal love in the maker space is the marrying of art and tech. Maker Faires bring people together to spark ideas, collaboration and next-generation problem-solving… plus they are a ton of fun.

Bigpacific Creative