Maker: BotFeeder 3D Printing

We will be exhibit the most advanced delta 3D printer & the most safe 3D printer filament. Along with many 3d printed items for visitors to pick up and see. We will also be giving away little cute BoFee Bear to kids just like when we are exhibiting in Maker Faire Ottawa last year November. Kids are extremely happy to bring little BoFee Bear home.

It all started on a normal day in 2013.  I was reading an article about “The next industrial revolution”, which talked about how 3D printing technology could be changing our futures.  As I was reading more about 3D printing, I was more convinced that this 3D technology will be something huge.  This technology re-connected one of my old friend in University and started BotFeeder (
So what is 3D printing?
3D printing is an additive technology in which objects are built up in a great many very thin layers.  Printed objects can be anything from a working wrench to an art sculpture.
What you should be expecting?
We’ll be displaying some of our prints for you to pick up and see what 3D printing might bring into your life.  The major mission for us is to educate our coming generations about 3D printing and allow them to make good use of this technology with their imagination and creativity.
We’ll show visitors not limited to the following:
  • How to select a safe 3D printer material
  • XYZ 3D printer vs. delta 3D printer
  • Tricks and tips about 3D printing
  • Answer any question from visitors
  • Give away cute little BoFee Bear to kids
  • And more…

You can also see some of our 3D print products online.

BotFeeder Canada – 3D Filament Supplier
54 Wingate Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

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